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Installing, designing, publishing...

The installation procedure, design process and export/publishing processes are common to all the plugins in the Web Site Publisher Pro series.

Impact WSPP does have it's own personality though. Here are a few things you should know about:

Image scaling options

By default images are expanded to fill the window without being cropped (so there will be either horizontal or vertical “letter-boxing” around each image. This behavour requires Javascript to be enabled on the user's browser.

If Javascript isn't enabled, or if you prefer to allow your images to be cropped in order to display them at a more impressive size, then you may choose to scale your images in a number of ways:

  • Filling to a percentage of the browser's width will expand each image to the width of the browser window; this may result in cropping the bottom of certain images.
  • Filling to a percentage the browser's height will expand each image the height of the browser window; this may result in cropping the right side of certain images.
  • The default option is a compromise - landscape format images are stretched to fill the browser's width and portrait format images are stretched to fill the browser's height.

Note that the percentage restriction is only applied to the direction in the image is being scaled. For example, if you're scaling images to a percentage of the browser's width and as a result a certain image would be taller than the browser's height, then the image will disappear off the bottom of the browser. Any restriction that you've place on the image's height is ignored, since you're scaling to the width!

If, however, you turn on the no cropping option then you will effectively have a border all the way round the image (as long as Javascript is enabled).

Slideshow & bookmarking considerations

Most slideshows don't allow the user to bookmark a specific image because the URL of the page doesn't change as the slideshow transitions from one image to another. Impact solves this problem by changing the URL dynamically as the slideshow progesses.

By default Impact starts the slideshow automatically. If the user has bookmarked an image so that they can, for example, post a link to your image on another site, then they probably don't want the sideshow to start when they return. Impact solves this problem by pausing the slideshow if a specific image is defined in the URL.

These options can be modified from the user interface:

Pricing and Payment

You may download and try the plugin for free, subject to its trial limitations. To unlock the full functionality you will need to purchase a copy.

Payments may be made via Credit Card or PayPal, and are securely processed via our payment partner - Paddle.


Note that VAT will be added for European customers.


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