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Change Log

Version 2.11, 6th February 2014

  • When uploading to Blogger the post is now created as a draft and you'll be send to the blogger site where you can edit and publish (same behaviour as is was prior to last update)
  • OAuth 2 improvements so that you shouldn't have to copy and paste the authentication code..

Version 2.10, 6th February 2014

  • Following some changes by Google this plugin had stopped working with Blogger. To overcome this the Blogger support has been completely overhauled.
  • The logon system for Blogger has been updated to use OAuth 2 so that you don't have to enter your Google password into the plugin.

Version 2.04, 29th October 2012

  • Fixed problems with a few tokens (including the {rating} token.

Version 2.02, 13th January 2012

  • Fixed the use of the {nextgenGalleryID} token when creating a new NextGEN gallery.
  • When uploading to blogger using the {img} token you would get an error. This has been fixed.

Version 2.01, 13th October 2011

  • Fix a authentication but with TypePad

Version 2.00, 5th October 2011

  • LR/Blog now allows you to upload to your TypePad account.
  • There's now a {img} token that will generate the HTML required to insert the image into your posts.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 1.73, 29th September 2011

  • Fix issues when using tokens with default values. For example, using {caption,{title}} wouldn't result in the {title} token being used if the caption was empty.

Version 1.72, 26th September 2011

  • Fix teething issues with NextGEN support.

Version 1.70, 22nd September 2011

  • Added support for uploading to NextGEN galleries (NextGEN is an excellent WordPress plugin for displaying images on your blog).

Version 1.66, 20th September 2011

  • The token help window is now display in a scrolling view, so it should no longer fill up the entire view when using smaller screens.
  • Updated to use the new self update mechanism which can now tell you exactly what's changed since your last update.
  • Added new tokens to retrieve the full path name of the original image files (only available on Lightroom 3 or higher).
  • Fix the use of the {seq} token. You can do something like caption="{seq[1]}. {caption}"] in your template.
  • Fix the "Description" metadata that can be applied to an image when posting to Wordpress via the Atom protocol. Note that this "fix" is needed since Wordpress has corrected it's implementation of Atom, so you may find that this feature no longer works on out-of-date Wordpress installations for which we were previously having to do the wrong thing...

Version 1.63, 6th April 2011

  • Fix timeout issues experienced by some users

Version 1.62, 25th November 2010

  • Using the {rating} token and possible other would cause the plugin to crash.

Version 1.61, 1st July 2010

  • Fixed a related to the calling of DBG.

Version 1.60, 26th May 2010

  • Renamed to LR/Blog (instead of LR2/Blog) to avoid the suggestion that the plugin is not compatible with LR3.

Version 1.58, 15th August 2010

  • Fix connections issues introduced in version 1.55

Version 1.55, 12th August 2010

  • Update for LR3.

Version 1.50, 6th July 2009

  • Tokens may now be used in the title and contents fields.
  • Unnecessary punctuation resulting from empty tokens in a text annotation is now removed.

Version 1.40, 16th March 2009

  • Fixed access to Blogger blogs.
  • Multiple templates may now be defined to allow for more sophisticated layouts.
  • To allow users to test this feature the trial version now limits the size of the uploaded photos to 300px, as opposed to limiting the number of images uploaded at one to one photo.
  • Users of WordPress blogs accessed via XML-RPC may also append a photo to an existing post. This may be very useful if you're composing a post online and then realise that you need to add a photo from Lightroom. (This will be added to other blogs types soon)

Version 1.30, 16th February 2009

  • Generic MetaWeblog compatible blogs may now be selected from the drop down list.
  • Blogger users can now define a (token based) summary for the uploaded images.
  • Blogger users can now choose to convert the image keywords into picasa tags.
  • For blogger users the {url} token now accepts a size parameter to retrieve smaller versions of the file.
  • Atom protocol support has been added for Wordpress users. This allows the description field of the photos to be defined using tokens.
  • The token window is now much more efficient to use, and includes a help screen.
  • Debug output can be logged to a file, which may help me solve any issue that you're having.

Version 1.20, 12th February 2009

  • Added Blogger support.
  • Added option to overwrite existing files (for files uploaded with version 1.2O onwards).
  • Added option to place the photos before or after the content text.
  • Fixed the preset menu (the menu choice wasn't being memorised).
  • Attempt to prevent premature export when user presses Return key to insert a new line (which actually launches the export instead).

Version 1.15, 10th February 2009

  • Added option to create a new post directly from the plugin, and have the images embedded within it.
  • Masthead graphic by Wade Heninger.
  • Files may now be optionally saved to disk during the export.

Version 1.00, 9th February 2009

  • Initial release.

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